Arjen Reas - Zoetermeer, thatched roof, lime walls, black gravel Just like the mix of materials, textures and clean look.

25.000 Tuğladan Oluşan Cephe

Gallery of Guilherme Torres Office / Studio Guilherme Torres - 11

Untitled, via Flickr. #architecture

It's so odd for me to see this building without the Comic Con International it's interesting that even people who aren't at SDCC still like to photograph the Death Star Cannon interior design design design office

USA Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 | Biber Architects in collaboration with Genius Loci Architettura S.r.l., Nussli Italia S.r.l., dlandstudio, Tillotson Design Associates, Thinc Design, Pentagram, ESA Engineering, SCE Project | Archinect

Buildings account for a big quantity of land. Sustainable building evidently requires creativity, terrific planning, and obviously, resourcefulness.