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Congratulations! You made it through. | Can You Make It Through This Post And Still Sleep Tonight?

Can You Make It Through This Post And Still Sleep Tonight?


O hell-kite! What, all my pretty chickens and their dam At one fell swoop?" Macduff, after hearing macbeth killed his family. He is a tyrant, he has become a tyrant who can do exactly what he wants

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After Sherlock faked his death Amelia had a type of break down and started help moriarty with his crimes

"If he wants me home, tell him I'd give in to the moon and stars before I come willingly." I snapped.  He bared his teeth at me before turning tail and sprinting in the opposite direction.

(In a Matt Schultz voice) "and I will stand up and proclaim to my company, 'Wanted; God, dead or alive' and they shall crown me their saviour"

"No!" She screamed, pulling his fist away from the mirror. He couldn't break it! That was the only way Ever could get back home! Blake's fist crashed against the mirror, broken shards flying here and there. Ever's mouth dropped open, tears fell from her eyes. She's trapped.

(Open rp) Leah) I hear glass shatter and I dash towards the source of the noise. When I arrive, I'm greeted with the heartbreaking sight of a boy curled up beside a broken mirror, blood covering his hands.