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Sharp wing and "Goddess" Lashes ✨ Product Deets: ABH eyeshadow palette "tempers" on the lid "Venetian red" in the crease. "ash brown", "warm tan", "that glow" "witches" liquid lipstick powder contour "goddess" glitter liner "midnight cowboy" on the lid

Beauty Products/Makeup! Ardell lashes of all shapes and sizes! I have bought pricey Urban Decay and MAC lashes for upwards of 20 bucks, and none have compared in quality and durability as Ardell's! I wear a pair every single day, and can usually get 4 or 5 days use out of 1 set! They run for about $4.50, and are well worth the money to add the dramatic flair you want for a night out or dressing up your everyday look!

When applying fake lashes - measure the lash according to the size of your eye. Once you have the proper measurement, cut the lash from the inner part. Put the glue on the lash and let it sit for few seconds. Look down and apply.

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My Nails