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Yeah, I get judged for being a girl and playing hockey lol

someone pls get me the t-shirt with this on it i'll love you forever and i'll bake you lots of cookies

This sounds like some yummy future


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"We live for the night's decor, it reveals what we dream of." - Glowing Eyes by Twenty Øne Piløts

and pink is not a girl colour

The women who inspired us in 2016 via DNAMAG

The Women Who Inspired Us in 2016 🚺

I woke up and instantly checked my phone for a text from you outta habit.

My little brother is autistic and things like this mean a lot to me

EDIT: "protect kids with autism." Never put the disorder before the person.* Not as in 'they can't protect themselves' but as in 'all children have a right to protection and care.

"no means yes and yes means harder" a quote from a 16 year old boy #WhyINeedFeminism

Wherever you go, however you dress, no means no and yes means yes. Teach boys that NO doesn't require an explication either

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“ no matter who you are, please please remember that an item of clothing does not and will never only be meant for one gender, every gender is able to wear any clothes they want and people.

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cloudliest: “ / quit genderizing things that don’t need to be genderized / ”

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Boys can look hella fine in makeup. Like, hella fine.

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shoutout to the muslim community and other communities which face racism. stay strong and make sure no matter what, you can get through everything and anything.

Anyone is from your property. You can only control yourself.

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By destroying them with love<<<<or just…punching them really hard in the face

cool character descriptions, but there are a lot more then just that. it would be fun to try to writee more!

cool character descriptions, but there are a lot more then just that. it would be fun to try to writee more!