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Candia Village Hotel on pienen kylän tyyliin rakennettu hotelli, jonka huoneistot sijaitsevat bungalow-tyylisissä rakennuksissa alas rantaan johtavalla rinteellä. Täällä sinua odottavaa viihtyisä allasalue, jonka omasta altaasta nauttivat myös pienet polskijat. Tilavissa huoneistoissa majoittuu isompikin perhe. www.apollomatkat.fi

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Castillo de Disney World - Orlando, Florida. Castle

Cinderella's Castle, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. This place is the ultimate playground for kids and adults. The castle is so beautiful at night with its changing colors. I miss Florida

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Trenino rosso del Bernina.

Train on a bridge in Engadin Valley - Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Loved visiting the Engadin Valley, and I think I was actually on this train since we bussed across Austria, and took the train across Switzerland.

Elafonissi Beach Greece by vidakush

Wanna go there! Pink sand on Ellafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece. Pink sand is formed of tiny red organisms that grow on dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall to the ocean floor and are washed onto shore. Photo credit: Jan-Erik Larsson found on

Paros Island, Greece

Wild dogs usually rule the chaotic and psychidelicaly painted streets of Oia on the northern tip of Santorini. When they aren't around, it's time for the cats to make their move. // photo by His Noodly Appendage, Visit Greece, Visit Santorini

Been told so many awesome stories about Zante! Tempted to go for a girls holidaaaaaaayy in June for a hen do??!!

Been told so many awesome stories about Zante! Tempted to go for a girls holidaaaaaaayy in June for a hen do?

turquoise-souvenir-shop-greece-plaka-july-beautiful-local-where-tourists-can-buy-greek-gifts-july-greek-village-plaka-crete-35282736.jpg (1300×957)

turquoise-souvenir-shop-greece-plaka-july-beautiful-local-where-tourists-can-buy-greek-gifts-july-greek-village-plaka-crete-35282736.jpg (1300×957)

exquisite-planet: Astypalaia, Greece

Astypalaia, called in Italian Stampalia and in Ottoman Turkish İstanbulya, is a Greek island with residents census). It belongs to the Dodecanese, an island group of twelve major islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea ASTYPALEA, GREECE

Villa in Plaka, Nr. Almyrida, Crete, Greece

Ideal Holiday Retreat Offering Sea And Mountain Views. Holiday villa for rent from with the added security of our fraud protection.

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Live A Traditional Cretan Experience at Candia Park village - Candia Park