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yep...For me it's too bands, One Direction. Some people call me obsessed, I call myself extremely dedicated.

For me it's two bands, One Direction and PTX. Some people call me obsessed, I call myself extremely dedicated.


I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

Got a feeling pitch perfect will be the new mean girls

I LOVE Pitch Perfect! But I have never seen Mean Girls so Pitch Perfect is the most quotable / who said they haven't seen Mean Girls like I'm sorry but that is one of my favorite movies


You comparing the cheapest burger to the not cheapest salad. Which when reversed is like comparing a big mac to a dollar salad (yes they exist, go to mcdonalds)

Omfg yes

story of my freaking life. old people tell me I'm cute all the time.

Hilarious but true...

True story and it is not just teenagers either! I am a grown woman and I will not look out the window at night.


Usually I can't stand teenager posts. But some of them are funny. And then there are some like this that directly relate to my life. And in theory, I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm just an inept grown up that can't afford a taco.

My son! And he wont ask for new ones, he just keeps using the ones he picks up off the floor!!

Relatable Post First Day of School: 30 pencils. one month later: 1 pencil you found on the ground


The news is just someone saying "Good evening" and then giving reasons why it's not. Oh the sad truth

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