raven girl.

peripheral-visions: Tattoos I’ll never get but want adding this to my ever growing pile of plague mask references. I swear i’m going to get a plague mask tattoo one day. I just need to figure out how.

Illustration. Claire Softley. #chattes http://www.clairesoftley.co.uk/

claire softley - These stunning collages by Claire Softley create a pattern of cats, potted plants and abstract geometric shapes.

Gray scale water colours

Gorgeous Illustration Art (from "Ghost of Windy Hill" by Clyde Robert Bulla, illustrated by Don Bolognese

Why is this metal creature waiting here? What has it done? Why is it on its own? (The Art Of Animation, Goro Fujita)

pokerdemonos: Marshland Crows by GorosArt

Raven etching

Raven (bird, crow) Series- INQUISITION II -new larger version Intaglio Etching image size inch x inch 2011 by Larry Vienneau Jr

Hans and Gretel by Lorenzo Mattotti

Neil Gaiman Reimagines Hansel & Gretel, with Gorgeous Black-and-White Illustrations by Italian Graphic Artist Lorenzo Mattotti

Angry birds! Hoooooe! he he - Bird and little boy character concept sketch

I love this idea. No Angry birds here! Bird and little boy character concept sketch art drawing.

Snow Flake by Daniel Teixeira - love the idea of a wall collage of different animal prints

Snow Flake / Daniel Teixeira - doe - baby deer - circle - pattern - navy - vanilla - off white - standing - stand - illustration - draw - paint - illustrate - create - inspiration - feet - hooves - ears - bambi - spots - white - negative space


This kid is just taking a walk. A walk with some shadowy monster rabbit, yes.


"Magic" folio by Grady McFerrin from Religion and the Decline of Magic by Keith Thomas. It describes the relationship between the occult and Christianity in England in the and centuries.