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Scorpio, Scorpion

Umm... HECK YEAH!❤

GEMINI well more like talking to them and laughing with them, while arguing :P more like a playful thing

lol that's perfect bc when I was younger I went into a phase where I loved mythology and Griffins were always my faves!!!

Yeah, mermaid, I've always wanted to be able to breath underwater. I know my Scorpio bestie would want to be a Phoenix not sure if my Sagittarius bestie would wanna be what she is << well Pegasus rhymes with Sagittarius so maybe she'll grow to like it

25 funny zodiac signs

25 funny zodiac signs

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What r u

The signs' last words As a Sagittarius i would not say that I would probs say I love _________ then die<---Capricorn libra and Aquarius are basically me when I die