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Fallin for you

Never make a girl fall for you. If you have no intentions of catching.

Got to go to the gym

I finally say, "I can't do ___ because I'm going to the gym" rather than "I can't go the gym because." It's a good feeling! No excuses!

Ha! I must be old, 'cause I know too many people this quote applies to! ;-)

I am definatly going to start saying this to people. Maybe I'll start with friends first and then work up to people I'm not necessarily excited about with their existence?

I forgot that my email was used for other things besides registering for accounts...

I have emails in one account because it's so overwhelming and my voice mail is always filled because I hate listening to vm.

20 Cliche New Born Photos Starring A Dog…

'A cliche newborn photo shoot starring a dog.' (Jack Russell Terriers have so much expression!