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Metsämaisema -trilogian ensimmäinen osa #Tietokonemaalaus #luonto #CG #Heikinkuvituspaja

Metsämaisema -trilogian ensimmäinen osa #Tietokonemaalaus #luonto #CG #Heikinkuvituspaja

floating cap of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean

Graphic: Arctic sea ice loss

What's scarier than this?

The New Threat (Sea Pollution poster) on Behance. Make a difference. Be a role model and don't trash the ocean. Pick up litter and properly dispose of it so that it doesn't hurt our oceans or wildlife. They are counting on us to

Posted by: Behance, I saved this pin because I like how the design has a meaning behind it. This design is trying to catch your eye spread awareness to save the arctic and it does just that. I also really like how they used a certain font that looked like ice, to show you the ice going underwater.

Save the Arctic by Francesco Poroli for Greenpeace. One of 30 works by Italian artists inspired by what happened to the Arctic 30 activists and the fate of the Arctic.

Tree of Life Evolution Amoeba to Man Education Poster 24x36

Tree of Life Amoeba to Man Evolution Poster 24x36

double exposures by andreas lie

andreas lie This double exposure painting are really detailed and accurate, i like how the artist mixed landscapes and animals together