✔ Country Girls do it Better ~ Bachelorette Bucket List. #bachelorette #party #idea

I'd love to go horse bank studying for bach party activity! Country Girls do it Better ~ Bachelorette Bucket List.


Funny Family Ecard: My sister asked where Nicaragua was. I said, 'Central America.' She said, 'Oh so near Kansas?' I see a pole and body glitter in her future.

Parents not understanding the 'horse thing'. I could be a drug addict, do you realize how lucky you are?

So girly and cute, yet totaly badass at the same time.. I love it!

ok Im not a fan of super girly stuff but this is really cute and I love the very perfect heart shaped star on this face! So adorable!

Wobble wobbly knees foal, so cute!

Newborn foal its so cool to know that they go from this (wobbly legs) to a strong, muscled creature! and its just adorable!

Gorgeous Horses. The front one looks a lot like my horse

i really like pictures of horses running free-- even though i would rather have one with me

Texas humor

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