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Jalat kuin rexillä

Haha I keep finding posts about tyrannosaurus' everywhere. How serendipitous given that we have the same unfavorable arm length.


Cardio between sets! Never a dull moment and always getting that blood flowing!

Ukraine girls support their team against the Swiss at Fan Fest Berlin.    See more World Cup Photos here.      Weight Loss Tip #83.   Try training opposing muscle groups in each set to maximize each workout. ~Its as easy as two shakes a day with ViSalus. Another tip from your weight loss team at Visalus-Nashville...

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My future son/daughter  teaching the correct form for a squat

Learn how to do a proper squat. Proper body position for leg squats, the best exercise for legs. Healthy Living Junkie is a site dedicated to fitness

Love finding new ways to use protein powder.

15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder

Protein powder isn't only for making shakes. These 50 protein powder recipes will elevate your taste buds and increase your protein intake in fun new ways!

Fun Five Friday

3 things to make your day healthier today. Drink 1 more glass of water. Take some stairs. Eat something green. Thanks for the reminder, Ashley Catalfamo :)