I would love this

I would cry and thank them so much! The only problem would be the fact that I don't have a favorite band member. there'd be a whole lot of band members under that tree eating cookies!

The Best of Tumblr.

It's a tradgedgdegedgey! When you lose control and you've got no soul, It's a tradgedgdegedgey!

Isn't that the normal measurement for time?

Isn't that the normal measurement for time? I mean, it took ME two Blank Spaces to get dressed. << I take a two Welcome To The Black Parades long shower

Ok now I want Clappers XD

Ok now I want Clappers XD Clap on *clap clap* Clap off *clap clap* Clap on clap off! The Clapper

I would fucking die right there in the middle of the street no kidding I would fucking pass out

: cause I live nowhere near them and my mum refuses to buy me band merch

Hmmm....should i use this against teachers?>>>Hell yes you should cx

Also too busy closing goddamn doors and getting these two hearts beating faster.


That's funny cause if they started playing like, Carry On My Wayward Son at Comic Con almost everyone would start crying.

"Emo" music is 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better than any song by Justin Beiber

my chemical romance fall out boy panic at the disco FUNNY. Then give me emo music!

What was your first song? Mine was the "The Kill"

I remember when I first heard FallOutBoy and Panic!AtTheDisco it was in the sand night in either Thanksgiving or Christmas My oldest brother was driving me from my grandfather's I was six He played the Ballad of Mona Lisa and Just One Yesterday

I feel like anything that starts with When I Was... will be sung in tone of Welcome To The Black Parade<<<< Same here

WHY<<oh my freaking god wow XD Youngblood Chronicles (FOB) meets Welcome to the Black Parade (MCR) XD