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Hahah This happened today when they announced there was gonna be a One Direction club at my school.

HAHAHAHAHA aw poor louis

Hahahahaha awwwwww>>> I love how Harry just stands there. Like imagine if he would stand on his tippy toes as well, we'd only see his lips lol but Louis is damn good

Once again, another great comeback to this ridiculous joke my sister said this and I just laughed at her because of all the come backs our random has and at that moment was when I really wished Lou was there

ugh, a group of boys in my school told me this once and I was fatal

Lol yep

I wish I thought of this when a kid called one direction gay

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a ♡ on

We Die. (two of my favorite things together, The Notebook and One Direction)

this made me so unbelievably happy

I don't understand how any directioner could be a Taylor Swift fan.<<<< actually idc if a one direction fan is a swiftie. theyre just not a true directioner

I don't even like one direction that much.. I just thought this was funny

Well, that WON'T happen they are not gay. When the wanted admits to being gay, guys would be like um. I'm a girl.

True story. Xx~~ I'll be like ," honey, don't worry. I can do it all for you and I promise you'll get an A+"

Then ill be like "honey our daughter is doing a report on you, you mind helping her out a bit and bringing the boys over so she can talk to them?

Haha like seriously. to be honest, i heard them and downloaded the songs before it was even released...pshhh and you think i hadn't heard them..

>>> You and I came on the radio and I started like majorly singing dancing etc the best I could in the car, and my friend turned to me and was like omg you've heard new song. I had no response to them>>peasant please 20 times

I guess. If your harry styles. Or louis tomlinson. Or niall horan. Or liam payne. Or zayn malik. Then yes thats fine.)<< Yeah, 'pretend,' suuure, we'll go with that (;

I feel hated in my house because I like 1D. Lol family get over it!!! It's not changing!!

My sister is a Directioner but I think I'm a bigger one than her. Lol But this is so true!

Once you found him repin this! Haha...... Y'all can only see his legs

romanticdefiant: “ i was going to write an obligatory “where’s zayn?” caption (one of the fandom’s inside jokes) when i realized zayn actually IS in this photo. zayn manages to not be in a photo he’s actually in. that’s some next level fucking ninja.