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Vastamainokset Vastamainokset on visuaalisen kulttuurin judoa, jossa mainos mätkäytetään kanveesiin mainoshyökkäysen omaa liike-energiaa apuna käyttäen – sitä vähän muokkaamalla. Voima on julkaissut vastamainoksia vuodesta 1999.

Naive – clear as plastic - Voima

Vastamainos 2009

Vastamainos 2009

Rather than wishing someone would drop dead, you could just wish their hot water would run out while their still shampooing their hair!

Funny pictures about Polite Ways To Curse Someone. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Ways To Curse Someone. Also, Polite Ways To Curse Someone photos.

WWF - By 2025, it is expected that over 550 million people will face water stress or scarcity in Africa

WWF - By it is expected that over 550 million people will face water stress or scarcity in Africa

From Tobacco Free California: Smokeless tobacco comes with many health risks, including oral, pancreatic and esophageal cancer, as well as heart attacks and stroke.

On can of dip is like smoking 3 packs of cigarettes and will kill you just as dead poster.

22 гениални реклами, които са своеобразно произведение на изкуството - сп. Обекти

'good-bye cellulite' sofa for nivea during miami fashion week, skin and beauty care company, nivea was around to promote their product 'good-bye cellulite'


Top 10 Controversial United Colors of Benetton Ads - Alistgator

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A man sits by a Benetton store covered by controversial posters that show Pope Benedict XVI kissing an imam on the lips and U. The pope-imam posters have already been yanked.

Rolling the dice on tobacco use

American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2013 Report - Infographic - Rolling the Dice on Tobacco Use

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Hot Dr Pepper with Lemon. This id great for a sore throat as well.