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Gifs for fun of the hour PM, Wednesday March 2016 PST) – 10 gifs

Iceberg es el nombre de esta orca albina fotografiada por el equipo de científicos de Erich Hoyt. Tiene una aleta dorsal de dos metros de altura, lo que indica que se trata de un macho adulto y, por lo tanto, que tiene más de 16 años.  Ha sido avistada frente a las costas de Kamchatka, al este de Rusia.

Avistada por primera vez una orca albina adulta

The world's only known all-white male killer whale has been spotted in the Pacific Ocean off Russia, scientists announced Monday. The orca, dubbed "Iceberg" by the scientists, was spotted swimming with a pod of 12 others. Iceberg has a

shark eats shark

PHOTO. Un requin mange un requin, la photo incroyable d'un pêcheur néo-zélandais

Breaching Killer Whale Lámina fotográfica por Tom Brakefield en AllPosters.es

Breaching Killer Whale Poster created by corbisimages. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.

www.pegasebuzz.com | Orca, orque, killer whale, black fish.

Meet Iceberg The First All-White Adult Orca Male!

Península Valdez

This female Orca is beaching herself hunting for prey

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Fin de una era para las orcas cautivas | Ciencia | EL PAÍS

Fin de una era para las orcas cautivas

Will Spain free its orca whales? - Pressure grows on marine parks such as the Canary Islands’ Loro Parque to stop using the animals during shows

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I think the Antarctic orcas are probably actually a different species of orca -Killer whale forms


Incredible shot taken of killer whale attacking seal. Transient killer whales actually leap onto shore to catch their prey!

absinthius:  Orca

Why would agribusinesses want to end environmental protections for orca whales? What is the connection between GMO industrial farming and harming oceans and wildlife?

Orcas and northern lights; doesn't get any more original than that! Travel to Northern Norway for this gem of a trip!

Orcas and northern lights; Travel to Northern Norway for this gem of a trip!