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Michael Jackson is my lover.

The day God brought Michael Joseph Jackson to his kingdom ☁


years ago we lost one of our brightest lights and it has been a darker world ever since.” Taj Jackson today in social media.

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Michael Jackson: Icon, Legend, The King of Pop

Michael Jackson.. teach them how to Dougie!

You Rock My World - 2001 - Michael Jackson


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This has over 1000 pins just from my pin, let's keep it going! ❤️ Michael Jackson 8/3/16  Michael Jackson: always beautiful, on the inside and out

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Michael Jackson in his prime.We'll miss you :( © Weldon A. McDougal III, 1984 (No harm intended, we just want to share the love!

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Pics: Remembering Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Michael Jackson performs the classic Beatles song "Come Together" in Moonwalker