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The American Tardis…

Doctor Who meets Disney Channel. Me-"I JUST watched this episode the other day and STILL didn't notice.

Doctor Who quoted Toy Story!

Or did toy story quote the doctor? <<< technically toy story quoted doctor who because at the point in history when that episode happened was before toy story was out. <<< unless the doctor watched toy story and then went back in time to quote it.

Instruction manual.

The TARDIS says RTFM! (read the fucking manual) to the Doctor - a silly headcanon

Ack - me looking at this pin... "Oh look at David how cute." "Ha, ha Matt's trying, adorable." "Oh crap, Ben...it's okay just breathe." "Supernatural boys, yep, still thinking of Ben." "Oh hi there Tom. No I haven't forgotten you." "RDJ, mother of..." *falls on floor dead*

All the fandom actors duck-facing only acceptable duck face

Haha I wish I could do that when I'm lonely :(

Doctor Who - Phineas and Ferb crossover Well, Doctor/Doctor is one of the best BROTPs ever, so.

Tumblr Who #52

Tumblr Who #52

a whovian probably ruined it. The last one- his mom can go step on a lego. I hate her. She has no reason to disgrace this man. He should disgrace her for being a twat.

Can't sleep? Watch Doctor Who cast members read you adorable bedtime stories. Pinning for later

Watch Doctor Who cast members read adorable bedtime stories. Saving for a rainy day! Or any day I need to watch a Doctor Who cast member read a bedtime story.

I dressed as 11 for dragon con and used the British accent and soniced people with the screwdriver (yes I'm a girl but who cares)

Funny pictures about Dalek's true love. Oh, and cool pics about Dalek's true love. Also, Dalek's true love.

Things we don't like. I see what you did there, Moffat. Via Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle

Doctor Who where we put things we dont like in the cupboard . "Rory Take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there" XD

Don't push even the nicest people to their limit. Demons run when a good man goes to war.

That last picture made me laugh so hard.

Beth on

Best thing EVER. I will be alive in and my name is Julia.

Rory Pond: Time Badass Like this.

Rory Pond: Time Badass

Doctor who/Mean girls mashup Amy: Rory Pond is flawless. The Doctor: I hear his hair is insured for pounds. River Song: One time, he blew up an entire cyberfleet, just to save his wife. Hitler: One time, he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

My favourite episode

Doctor Who - Stormageddon Dark Lord of All - What happens when the Doctor speaks Baby :D

That's true

Tom Felton(Draco Malfoy) and Matt Doctor) HP and DW are my favorite things ever. This picture makes it eleven times better.

Being a whovian I can confirm this

Hahahahaha lol, i actually really like this movie. It was funny, zany, and really touching, and comparing this character's behavior to that of Doctor Who fans is completely accurate. Love this movie! (Meet the Robinson's)