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25 Reasons to Get Rid of It

Picture-Rail Shoe Rack Some of your heels are works of art, so why not display them as such? Line the walls of a walk-in closet or a dressing area with picture-rail molding to make a tidy yet visually arresting display.

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Shoes and bags can easily end up an afterthought when it comes to organizing your closet, but beautifully displayed accessories can take things to the next level

11 Pictures to Inspire Your Closet Makeover -

11 Pictures to Inspire Your Closet Makeover

I need this!  There are no DIY directions or link to buy - if somebody sees this and knows how to buy/make one, please let me know!  Thanks!  :)

Clothes Hanger This specially designed hanger has holes to neatly display and store up to 10 scarves. The hanger puts scarf options in plain sight and eliminates rummaging through a drawer to find the perfect one. I need to find one of these.

12 Simple Storage Solutions Some of these are interesting.

12 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

12 Simple Storage Solutions - Article: The Family Handyman.The space behind the door is often overlooked as a storage space. Build shallow shelves to fit behind the door in your laundry room, utility room or pantry.

Bag organization 101.

Gayle King

Use divided storage in the wardrobe to organise different categories of clothes. Open shelving is a great option for organising and storing your shoe collection

New Year, New Closet: The Best Ways To Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

It brings a few more ways to use the space under hanging clothes. the shelves under hanging clothes for pants/shorts- much more efficient than hanging them!

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Grid Shoe Storage Display | 22 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas Dollar Stores

22 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Rhis is my plan for my shoes in a small space behind bedroom door of our master bedroom, presently under de-clutter construction (since It's easy and we have the rack, just need to dexlutter area from stacks of boxes of shoes, and boots.

Organized closet, via shelter

Fantastic colorful closet design with custom gray acrylic cabinets for storage and style, in this space featuring white & pink wallpaper and lovely pink fretwork chair.