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Fannette Guilloud

Street Art Turns Abandoned Buildings Into Optical Illusions

Impossible Geometry by Fanette Guilloud This young french & passionate artist released a couple of weeks ago the serie Geometrie de l’impossible. It’s about mixing street art with abandoned buildings.

Desafio Criativo - Sua dose diária de inspiração e criatividade!: Ilusão de Ótica e a Geometria Impossível de Fanette Guilloud

Fanette Guilloud (France) - Géométrie de l'impossible Géométrie de l'impossible (Geometry of the impossible) is the new series by French artist and photographer Fanette Guilloud, mixing anamorphosis.

interior amazing art installation

Felice Varini_Anamorphic Illusions: Enormous Paintings That Deceive The Eye

Will you be in Roma …

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani is a master with tape and uses it to create eye-catching optical illusions. We're already big fans of his clever


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Georges Rousse #Palette

George Rousse Derelict - Georges Rousse is a French photographer and installation artist. He paints geometric shapes in abandoned places and photographs .

Оп-арт художника Fanette Guilloud

'Géométrie de l'impossible' (Impossible Geometry) is an amazing illusionary photo series by French artist Fanette Guilloud that.

Playing with Perspective in Paris: New Optical Illusion Art | Urbanist

Streetart meets Optical Illusions: Felice Varini unveils a Series of new anamorphic Pieces in Paris

Géométrie de L’mpossible is a photographic art installation – no photoshop was used. French artist Fanette Guilloud paints optical illusions in abandoned spaces and later photographs them from different angles to create three dimensional illusions that would otherwise appear distorted unless viewed from a special angle.

Géométrie de L'mpossible

Géométrie de L’mpossible photographic art installation by French artist Fanette Guilloud paints optical illusions in abandoned spaces and photographs them from different angles to create illusions.


Surreal Architectural Optical Illusions - The Regina Silveira Series Redefines Interior Decor (GALLERY)

Florescent Geometric Illusions Skewering People in Brooklyn - The last time we featured the work of artist Aakash Nihalani, he was using florescent tape to create impossible geometric illusions all over the urban landscape. Now he’s using that same tape to skewer the hip people of Brooklyn with angular geometric forms. Window-like holes provide easy passage through the chest and stomach of each of his subjects… | by Benjamin Starr June 24. 2014

In his series Landline, New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani cleverly pierces human torsos throughout Brooklyn with three-dimensional isometric rectangles and squares made out of neon tape.