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My best friend Cassie and me for sure! I can see us busting out of the old folks home like this haha

The Greatest Picture Of A Scooter-Driving Granny Towing A Grandad On A Rocking Horse - Sabotage Times

Funny pictures about Timeout Changes You. Oh, and cool pics about Timeout Changes You. Also, Timeout Changes You photos.

I want one of these for when my boyfriend and I watch movies!

Old people + handmade snuggie for two. I want to grow old with you.I want a relationship where I would be happy to wear this hideous snuggie sweater at You know old people stay cold anyways.

ttooo ccuutteee

26 Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out

26 People Who Redefined Relationship Goals In 2014 << I want to be like this older couple if I live that long/get married and my husband lives that long

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Funny pictures about Overly manly man on pain pills. Oh, and cool pics about Overly manly man on pain pills. Also, Overly manly man on pain pills.

2 kindsofpeople

Funny pictures about Two kinds of people in the world. Oh, and cool pics about Two kinds of people in the world. Also, Two kinds of people in the world.

Love this  The Channing Tatum one and the last one are the best

10 hilarious “do not ring doorbell” notes. "Unless you are Publishers clearing house or Channing Tatum" lol my fave

This…………….. cake: | 16 Cakes That Are Too Deliciously Savage For Their Own Good

This................. cake:

They better deal with it, hilarious cake, words on top Find The Toenail, Fingernail April Fools pranks jokes birthday's

Prepare-Your-Car-for-a-New-Driver.  I am sooo doing this!  Would continue on past 140 mph to leave no room for suggestion.

New driver in the family? Make sure your dashboard is prepared…

Very over protective father - I bet dad thought about doing this once or twice. funny thing is - I wouldn't have driven in the "NO!" zone- because the car's fastest speed isn't covered ;