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A new species of hydromedusae, Bathykorus bouilloni, common below metres. Hundreds of Bathykorus bouilloni were observed by a remotely operated vehicle in the Arctic, showing that a new species can be common in a habitat

he extraordinary "Skull Caterpillar" is the larvae of the pink Underwing Moth, an endangered species fighting for its life in the Australian rainforest.

Moth larvae's bony face makes it look fierce (but it's just skullduggery to deter predators)

larvae of the Imperial Fruit-Sucking Moth (Phyllodes imperialis), subspecies of the south. Its most out-standing characteristic are the teeth and eyes that appear to be drawn on its head that look like a human skull.


Impressive Jellyfish Photography

ohmygoodness. i love jellies like woah, but they simultaneously terrify me so much.

Gonionemus vertens ~ by Alexander Semenov ~ Most dangerous hydrozoan jelly in the Japan sea


Nudibranch mollusk that sheds its shell early in life (inside a huge underwater volcano near Monterey Bay)

Sea Cucumber    Holothurian; Peniagone diaphana: Feeds on the sea floor, but is capable of swimming and is found on hills and valleys of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

10 Crazy-Looking New Deep-Sea Creatures

Scientists discover new marine species in the hidden depths of the Atlantic Ocean: Benthic holothurian (Peniagone diaphana ) from mid-Atlantic ridge station. Depth about Specimen caught swimming above sea floor.

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