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skull shaving brush

Skull Shaving brush - Hand made finest badger hair Shave Brush with elegant box. This would add a little bit of coolness to my morning shave. I'd really love a nice straight-edge to go with it!

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Men's Basics/Tips: Wet Shaving. Less costly, painful, and skin-irritating for both men and women's shaving.

facial hair chart

A graph of all types of facial hair. Beards and Moustaches. Maybe do something for Noshember / Men's Cancer Awareness

Men's Basics:  Amazing tips on male grooming and maintenance. It also determines some key features like shaving, clothes, oral hygiene, hair styles, etc.

Style signifies who you are, what you want to say. The customs and fashions of men change like leaves on the bough, some of which go and new ones appear.



Cavalier Essentials, vintage(ish) products designed for "the rugged, yet sophisticated gentleman. Anyway, it looks great thanks to graphic designer Taylor Pemberton.

Classic style we are addicted to

Looking for the best shaving kit for men? A great shaving kit is complete with a safety razor, a shaving brush, a lathering bowl & an awesome kit stand.

I love this. I need on! Stay!!

suit-valet The valet stand is a relic of times past; as Dian Furniture explains, valet stands were popular during the Victorian period, when gentlemen were dressed by their valet.

Italian grooming:    - Marvis toothpaste  - Proraso shaving cream  - Acqua di Parma Colonia - Eau de toilette

Three of my all time favorite grooming products from Italy: - Marvis toothpaste - Proraso shaving cream - Acqua di Parma Colonia - Eau de toilette

How to hold a straight razor - hopefully I can get the hang of this!

Learn all about Straight Razor Shaving - what straight razor to buy, how to prepare your beard, how to shave, hone & sharpen your blade.