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if you gotta go hand to hand. Our just clear allot of woods! the backwoods bone machete.

Perfect for the handy lady

Hair tool for home care. A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Gerber Bear 39.95  This is a great knife.  It has a very sharp, solid full tang blade. The skeleton handle allows users to lash the knife to a stick/pole, to create an improvised spear, which could be used for hunting/fishing/protection. Also the handle comes with like 3 1/2 feet of paracord wrapped around and through the handle. Plus the sheath is awesome, there are so many different way to mount this...right side up, upside down, lefty, righty, lashes to backpacks, boots, whatever.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord knife features a full-tang design with a handle wrapped with 60 in. of tough parachute cord.

nstantly purify water with this straw that removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of parasites. A truly innovative product that brings clean water to millions of people.

LifeStraw Portable Water Filter

“ “ “ “ “ LifeStraw purifies water instantly and inexpensively: it is a solution that can provide millions of under-privileged people with safe drinking water. ” LifeStraw® Personal, simply known as.

RMJ Forge Berserker is a custom(non-production) tomahawk

RMJ Forge Berserker is a custom(non-production) tomahawk (:Tap The LINK NOW:) We provide the best essential unique equipment and gear for active duty American patriotic military branches, well strategic selected.We love tactical American gear

Just add rice and the rest of the ingredients. Lock them all up in the Sushi Bazooka and get to crankin' out a fantastic meal. Teach yourself to be a sushi master! Comes in a convenient and washable 3-piece set.

Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter

Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter - When the sun is shining, this simple little device will start a fire in a matter of minutes with no moving parts, fuel, or batteries to worry about. The tinder box is also airtight and watertight so your firestarting ma

Полезные советы для любителей отдыха на природе (48 фото)

Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life Someday - Turn an Altoids Tin into a Heat Source

Weaving a wicker basket; the most comprehensive basket tutorial on the internet- jonsbushcraft.com

Basket-weaving tutorial--step-by-step instructions. i actually tought basketweaving to 12 year old boys!

Got a source of water on your property, but looking for ways to pump it uphill without electricity? Here are two clever inventions for doing just that.

If I ever live next to a river.Pumps water from flowing streams, creeks, or rivers without electricity of fuel Lift water up to 82 feet vertically

Cardboard Box Oven-have one made that works very well! Remember-each charcoal =40 degrees. 9=360ish degrees....& will bake a bunt cake or such.

box oven tutorial Did you know that you can make a cardboard box into an oven that works just as well as your oven at home? And with this type of oven, you never have to worry about what to eat when the electricity goes out

EESE AH-1 Arrowhead. Survival kit add on. Ready made arrowhead, spear head, emergency knife, fire striker?  It's good to have something that can fit easy in your pocket.

ESEE AH-1 Arrowhead Survival Knife Tool 2.5" 0.5 oz

Tuck one of these away in your survival bag. A ready made spear head. Survival kit add on. Ready made arrowhead, spear head, emergency knife, fire striker? I want loads of these stashed everywhere.

A zeer pot is an evaporative cooler used in rural Africa and the Middle East to keep vegetables fresh. They consist of two terra cotta pots, one nested inside the other, with the gap between them filled with wet sand. The sand serves as a thermal mass that helps keep the pot cold once it has cooled down, and acts as a wick to spread the moisture up the walls of the pot. When placed in a shaded, breezy location, the evaporation of water off the outer surface chills the pot. If you have a…

A Practical Zeer Pot (evaporative Cooler / Non-electrical Refrigerator)

A Practical Zeer Pot (evaporative cooler / non-electrical refrigerator) made with terra cotta pots, sand, etc.