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Avatar the Last Airbender family tree that gives the Relations between all the Well-Known Characters.

Official Avatar Family Trees!

Avatar the Last Airbender family tree<<No. If this was A:TLA, Kataras family tree would be bigger. This is the Avatar: Legend of Korra family tree.

Ponyo and Sousuke having a funny head bopping moment. -- Studio Ghibli movies, Ponyo Under the Sea, gif, cute moments, Miyazaki Japanese film

Ghibli - Finish Work by *Hyung86 on deviantART

Ghibli - Finish Work by on deviantART. This has most of the main characters from the Studio Ghibli movies.


When I first watched Assassination Classroom, I thought the he is a girl. Then once I knew he was a boy. Then I realized he is a girl.


Yes our common hatred for the movie has united us and it has only made us stronger! >:D also no offense, but I dont ship Zutara

Avatar fun facts. These are pretty interested :)

Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender: Fun Facts about the avatar universe. These are pretty good.

Has it stopped raining yet? by Ry-Spirit, my neighbour totoro, studio ghibli, anime movie, digital painting, inspirational art

Seems like I have been having a lot of Miyazaki things in my life recently, cosplaying as Totoro, drawing Mei and Kittenbus, going to Ghibli Museum. Has it stopped raining yet?