Sip XD Pero ayer me pasó algo peor; mi cuerpo quiere dormir,¡¡¡¡¡Pero mi mente me obligó a pensar en Yuno Gasai!!!! O-O   Al final, soñé con Yuno y Yukki (?

Drawing and sleep continuously fight. I wish I could do both.why can't "sleep drawing" be a thing?

I first think a drawing of mine is good. Then I walk into art class and suddenly I'm the worst artist in the world

artist-problems: “ Submitted by: anotherunwantedcigarette [ when you feel like you can never please your art teacher.

Never let anybody call you their own

when someone steals your art by ~PvElephant on deviantART<<<< [sad] awww

An Artist's Struggle by on @deviantART

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

TRUE. I literally stayed up until 12:00 A.M to make a single birthday card for a friend! But, it was worth it.

('Artist Problem When you draw so much that your hand starts to hurt but you don't want to take a break.

Art Styles by hPolawBear

Art humor "Switching Styles" - This applies to visual and literary arts.

39: Childhood Friends - image

Holy crap I love this girl too. should I pin this to my Funny board, my Annime board or my Steven Universe board?


I do the same thing. when I draw someone who's angry I make an angry face or whatever their face expression is