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Hyvä suojaväri!

did ya know? the 'official' term is called 'mimicry'! just as a chameleon changes colors, the owl takes on the colors etc of the bark around him! God's creatures are just incredible!

Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula).

Beautiful Image of a Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) at the nest by Michael Quinton.

touchn2btouched: Good Night all

Sleeping owl in a tree - Beautiful nature images, bird photos, pictures of animals. Nature photography that takes your breath away. He looks like he is meditating.

Snowy owl

Cárabo común - White Tawny owl (strix aluco) in the Harz Region Germany

Los búhos no hacen nidos. En vez de esto, ellos buscan los sitios más adecuados para resguardarse y empollar, ya sea en huecos de los árboles, sótanos, edificios, cuevas, etc.

mama owl sitting in watch over babies in tree trunk nest . luv how they blend into the tree's coloring .


Awesome owl shows mimicry. The tiny African Scops owl is perfectly camouflaged against a camelthorn tree in Namibia