You bet I killed her! I was pissed. Have me running around the deep roads, solving dumb ghost puzzles and fighting brood mothers just so can go all golem on me?

baby monster

Dragon Age: Inquisition + text posts, part 6 Here’s some more of the Inquisitor’s dysfunctional apocalypse prevention brigade.

Sarcastic Hawke, Dragon Age. Uh, yeah--my sarcasm gets me into trouble!!

I like sarcastic Hawke, well my Hawke is kinda messed up actually, he frequent sarcastic, frequent diplomatic, and he's a reaver

Dayum Bann Teagan by ~Melii on deviantART. Alistair in the background haha, so funny and so accurate.

Dayum Bann Teagan by ~Melii on deviantART. Poor Alistair xD I love the background banter between Alistair and Leliana >>> this is exactly how it happened! There is just something about Bann Teagan!