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Has This Australian Company Just One-Upped Super Fast Printer?

Hochwertiger Desktop Stereolithographie (SLA) 3D-Druck | Formlabs (DE) – Formlabs

Formlabs designs and manufacturers the Form 2 stereolithography (SLA) and Fuse 1 selective laser sintering (SLS) printers for professionals.

E-waste is all around us, but as the brilliant Instructables user behind this $60 3D printer proves, there's plenty to be done with it--if you've got some engineering chops.

This 3D Printer Is Made Out of a Floppy Disk Drive and Other E-Waste

This project describes the design of a very low budget Printer that is mainly built out of recycled electronic components. The result is a small fo.

India’s 3Ding Unveils FabX 2.0 3D Printer for Under $475 http://3dprint.com/89629/3ding-fabx-2-0-3d-printer/

Back in February we covered a story about an Indian company called They had recently launched a new printer called the FabX for a price that could appeal to a large portion of the country's citizens.

Hoje as impressoras 3D exigem que o objeto seja projetado no computador para ser impresso, mas a Blacksmith Genesis vem facilitar isso, reunindo scanner 3D e copiadora em um único dispositivo. O projeto está no site de financiamento coletivo Indiegogo e deve chegar em março de 2015 por US$ 1.395 - leia mais no TechTudo, por Raquel Freire.

Impressora 3D compacta ‘tudo em um’ pode ser usada por usuário comum

The PrintrBot is one of a number of new kit set cheap 3D printers appearing on the market. They are affordable enough to use for home production of many kinds of objects, from cell-phone cases to art pieces.

Custom Printing

5 cool 3D printers for less than $500.

Flight industry is now using printing technology for UAV parts. Is this a welcomed step or a hidden danger?

Recyclez vos déchets plastiques avec une imprimante 3D.

Thanks to the "tech-obsessed" Black Eyed Peas frontman and his new printer, plastic Coke bottles can into phone cases and other new products.

First 3D printer 'SLA 1' - March 9, 1983

You Can Now See the First Ever Printer -- Invented by Chuck Hull -- In the National Inventors Hall of Fame