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good vibes

Let's get some "Good Vibes" flowing as we head into the weekend. Share something "Good", whether a song that makes you smile, or a new birth/job/vacation.

lee hayi (scheduled via

lee hayi (scheduled via

Seddy Says: This is true. While I try to love everyone, when it comes to a deeper sense of love, I am a fighter, not a lover. If my love for you is deep, and I love you deeply, know now rare and special that is, and how rare and special you are to me, and how much I will fight to defend, protect, preserve, etc.. that love. And once the deep love it gone, once the fight is over or is no longer worth it, know I will have a humanitarian love for you, but that deep love is never coming back.

“hate and love” mixed media on acrylic plex and neon 2011 by artist Patrick Martinez

No baddayszzzz

No bad days neon sign! Make everyday a good day and be positive! When you are feeling defeated, remember that yo still have it better off than a lot of people out there.

Nightmare neon, 2006 by artist Olivier Kosta-Thefaine

My dreams have been so vivid but when I nap and have a vivid nightmare waking up in tears really sucks.