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There's a reason they call it "Girls gone wild" and not "women gone wild". When girls go wild, they show their tits, when women go wild, they poison their husbands food.

That moment when you talk to yourself and you start smiling like an idiot because you're just so hilarious. lol

but I AM hilarious! I crack me up all the time. If anyone ever puts a camera in here I will be put away for laughing at nothing all the time. I cry hard and I laugh hard.

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This is hilarious, especially since my kid has a big head, and we sometimes have a hard time getting his shirts on & off.

Brew It Passion Metal Sign

Brew It Passion Metal Sign


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Not really a scary story but it's TATE so I couldn't resist.

"The Devil is real & he's not some little red man with horns & a tail. He can be beautiful because he's a fallen angel & he used to be God's favorite" American Horror Story

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