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Pukaea 2

Pukaea 2

Pukaea - made of Kauri A long wooden war trumpet . It is made in the same way as the putorino, hollowed out in sections and joined together again. The flare at the lower end is made by joining together a number of triangular wedges of wood which are gummed and bound to the end of the pipe. A few inches above the bell end, a tonsil or vibrating reed has been inserted in the pipe, perhaps in imitation of the human throat,

Indigenous Maori art and design studio that captures the spirit of New Zealand Aotearoa including tribal tattoo, ta moko, weaving, wood carving and traditional musical instruments.

PutataraMaori legend tells that when Tane descended from the heavens carrying Te Kete O Te Wananga (the three baskets of knowledge) gifted from his father Rangi, he left behind a putatara as a koha (gift).  This and other legends indicate why this instrument forms an important cornerstone of Maori practises and spiritual beliefs.

In less recent time these instruments have had a variety of roles from signalling to ceremonial and ritual use.