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Autumn leaves and Rain, Calgary, Canada. Aww I miss Canada in the fall, soo pretty!

loved the smell from a barn when i was young, didn't like the hay in my shirt : )

Nothing better than a barn full of fresh baled hay. Proof of a summers hard work and reaping the blessings.

pink tree.... - Click image to find more Photography Pinterest pins

cherry blossom tree park bench, so pretty. Definitely want a cherry blossom tree in front of my house someday.


SEASONAL – AUTUMN – fall leaves in brilliant colors decorate the landscape trail, creek, and forest.

Red Maple  - A vibrant red maple in the peak of fall color. Crandon, Wisconsin, USA

Vibrant Rich Red Maple Tree Vertical Panorama in Northern Wisconsin USA US by Matt Anderson Photography

Autumn in Japan: Blue, Lime green, Yellow, Orange, Red - Designcat Colour Inspiration Pallet

Right about now, in Kyoto, everything is turning the perfect shade of orange. An orange-lover, my heart is hanging on some temple bell today, sounding with the beauty of autumn.

Kapucijnendreef, Sonian Forest (Forêt de Soignes), Eike, Tervueren, Vlaams Brabant, Brussels, Belgium // photo by Vincent Brassinne, Nov 2010

Autumn Solitude, Sonian Forest, Brussels, Belgium Exactly how the main road through the Bawn would look like.

A sight to behold- fall colors! #udderlysmooth

Golden Forest – Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria (by Ivan Miladinov)