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i really wanna snuggle a bunny. Too bad my pet rabbit doesn't like cuddles :(

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Animals Celebrating Halloween

week I appreciate how these simple comics use teamwork. Simpsons Illustrator Elizabeth (Liz) Climo Shows What Would Happen If Animals Celebrated Halloween

123 mentions J’aime, 7 commentaires - @bunnymomstory sur Instagram : « #rabbits #bunnies #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #bunnylove #bunniesworldwide #rabbitsofig… »

123 mentions J’aime, 7 commentaires - @bunnymomstory sur Instagram : « #rabbits #bunnies #rabbitsofinstagram #bunniesofinstagram #bunnylove #bunniesworldwide #rabbitsofig… »


I think this creature has a dozen marshmallows in its mouth and is the inspiration for the Chubby Bunny game.

Mira que orgullosos están estos padres de sus hijos - Todos estos son mis hijos y estoy muy orgulloso

I think some of these dogs had to many pups! Spay or Neuter your pets people! Does anyone agree with me!<<<<I do, waaay too many pupies

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18 Photos Of Baby Animals Yawning (BECAUSE BABY ANIMALS YAWNING!)OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

18 Photos Of Baby Animals Yawning (BECAUSE BABY ANIMALS YAWNING!)

That's not a platypus, it's a penguin, and the pretty sure the "beaver" is a bunny....but still cute!

Ignore the fact that the baby Platypus is actually a baby penguin and the baby Beaver is something other than a baby Beaver.