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Giant Tepee Garden - creative idea for repurposing branches and natural materials & provide an amazing play space for kids. They can watch climbing beans grow up as a natural shade cover, plant other edibles in the planter box around the edge.

Gardeners who live in urban or suburban areas often become discouraged by what they perceive as less-than-enough planting space. I promise you that this is an unnecessary worry. In fact, it’s often easier to create the “wow” factor in a smaller garden, especially of you take advantage of some simple design principles. Simple Garden Design

~ Gardening in the suburbs in some postage-stamp garden areas forced me to get creative when it came to suburban vegetable farming. Even now that we live on acreage, I still enjoy using small-s

30 Gardening Activities & Ideas for kids

30 Gardening Ideas for Kids

Summer Activities Garden theme ideas for kids: 30 Gardening Activities Ideas for kids - lots of fun easy ways to get the kids digging in the dirt after school!

Bean tepee fort.

Creating a teepee for growing vine plants can also be a great "secret" garden escape for playing. These are beans.

A tip for you gardeners: keep your seeds organized by creating a safe holder for them behind the door of your tools shed.

Organize Your Garden Shed

Make a Planting Calendar. Track what to plant each month with a simple ribbon organizer. Each ribbon represents a different month; use clothespins to attach seed packets that need planting during the month.

Bad Dürkheim, Tomatenlaube in einem Privatgarten (tomato pergola in a private garden) by HEN-Magonza, via Flickr

Strawberries & Tomatoes in the Kitchen garden.I could build a trellis over my walkway into the front door with rebar.

Wish I made these when the kids were little :(  Nikki good chance to start now with Remi.

Do gorgeous fairy garden--Stepping stones with children's hands or foot prints is a nice way of allowing your kids to feel involved and leave their own mark on your garden as well as providing a small snapshot in time for you to remember and enjoy.

Large Hazel garden obelisk for climbing plants by GreenwoodWoman on imgfave

Garden Obelisk for Climbing Plants. Natural lashing - could use the fresh cut grape vines


Nest Treehouse Why constrain your ideas to the traditional concept of a playhouse? This lovely little nest in a Virginia farm garden creates a natural space for children to gather and share secrets.