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Punainen tupa ja perunamaa - TS Koti

Flowering woods....Juhannus koivikko--Finland

My father made a birch alley to the house every Midsummer

Annin aatoksia: Lisää betonitöitä! More cement works!

More cement works!

Декорация сада

PHOTO ONLY - Hanging garden. I always wanted hanging baskets on my porch, but the plastic or wood containers at the nursery are not very attractive.

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perfect garden hideaway lounge under the tree linen bed sofa outdoors backyard lounging relax reading nook

A secret garden beyond

Create A Backyard Secret Garden Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor - love that round landing pad like shape of the pathway entrance there

rosemary as a tree

Rosemary Topiary - - Rosemary is the easiest to grow and it grows quickly, so if you're looking to add topiaries to your garden or porch, this is the best plant to choose! It's also easy to propagate, so in a short time you can have a lot of plants!

California friendly landscape inspiration: Geranium maderense (pink) Plectranthus zuluensis (ground) & Echium webbii. All attract beneficial bees and butterflies, and all are drought tolerant!

I need color in my yard: Geranium maderense, Echium webbii, Plectranthus zuluensis. All drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants.

Square paving stones in two sizes and textures. ~ Great idea for a pathway in the garden. Possibly less expensive than flagstone. Checkout Keller Materials for selection.


Hot weather flower advice | Sunflowers, gerbera daisies, dahlias, lilies & dahlias are all reasonably safe bets -- their woody stems & slightly tough petals will last longer than other varieties & hide their age. Super-soft flowers like gardenias, lilies of the valley and such are more likely to wilt.

White Hydrangea paniculata - a favorite flower of mine. just purchased this summer.

A fence and carefully chosen plants are a great way to add privacy to a side yard.  Better Homes and Gardens

Lovely Gate and Fence using Lattice work. While the fence's woodwork signals a secluded landscape, the lattice's open weave filters both sunlight and views