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Fabulous French Bulldogs Boston Terriers A Lilac Fawn French Bulldog Puppy, with Grey Eyes& so beautiful

French Bulldog Puppies with pink collar

20 French Bulldog Puppies You will Love

also known as the Frenchie, French Bulldogs are the result of breeding English Bulldogs with French "ratters." For this reason, expect some drooling + flatulence, like their canine cousins~

French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog also called Frenchie is a small compact well-muscled dog with a broad and square head. The breed has broad upright ears that are rounded at the tips}}

Long haired frenchie puppy

Good night ❤️ Long Haired French Bulldog Puppy, (he's Long Haired because of a recessive Corgie Gene; Frenchies were originally bred from mixing English Bulldogs, Chinese Pugs, and Corgis.

 L O R D PO R K Y Regram of @porokong . #frenchbulldog…

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