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Social Anxiety Cat: seriously, I can relate to every single one of these! I'm glad someone can relate!

anxiety cat | ---Get a call from a number I do know and I still refuse to pick up the phone haha ~@glamour_scars

Do you need to know who the owner of a phone number that is not listed in the white pages and phone books is? You can pay for the services of reverse phone

Mostly I just stand there awkwardly, and pretend to look at items on the shelf nearby until they leave.

Anxiety Cat I'm laughing SO HARD right now because I have actually done this.

Anxiety Cat. Buy an item that doesn't work. Keep it anyway so you don't have to go back and return it.

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Haha. This is exactly what my face looked like the first time I ordered online! :D

Meme Watch: Anxiety Cat Is My Homeboy

Anxiety Cat: Find out Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza and Papa John's now have online ordering. No longer have to speak on the phone.

I have literally done this.

Anxiety Cat - Can't find something in store search whole building for hours to avoid asking a worker

anxiety cat.  Except I don't lie anymore, I just tell them the truth:  I don't like people. HAHA

Anxiety Cat: Friends invite you to hang out with a group of people you don't know. Lie and say you're sick.

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Anxiety cat needs to stop reading my mind. I used to do this all the time when I was in public school.

Anxiety Cat - i wanna go for a nice walk ...nvm, my neighbors are outside

Anxiety Cat - i wanna go for a nice walk .nvm, my neighbors are outside