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Clouds add beauty to sky and are the part of our everyday lives. Sometimes photographers take extraordinary pictures of clouds which we rarely see and such

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Hearts of clouds floating in the skies.


Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

#gratitude #quotes #february The Premier Year Project 2018 - a 12-month, 365-day gratitude project for everyone! Welcome February!

#gratitude #quotes #february The Premier Year Project 2018 - a 12-month, 365-day gratitude project for everyone! Welcome February!

I saw a heart in the clouds today

Love is in the air...

As a cloud watcher.I love it! Seen many heart shaped clouds in my life. A love sign from God.

Nubes en forma de corazón

Message in the Clouds! Heart Cloud Hanging in the Sky!

Life filled with colors — ハートの形にぬけた雲。広い空の中に見つけられたら、何かいいことありそうな。 ...

iheartheartz: Too much love (by Nikolina Munster)

РАЗ В ГОДУ — ТОЛЬКО В СВОЙ ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ Ангел моего рожденья….(оберег) Нужна ли молитва человеку? Нужна! В её живительной силе никто уже не сомневается! Она как глоток чистого воздуха! Она как родник живой воды — исцеляет, оберегает от бед, даёт силы в преодолении всех невзгод. Независимо от того, есть подозрение на порчу или нет, снимали вы её или не

"When a person gets up in the morning and does the sadhana, you know what accompanies that person? All the angels, all saints and sages come to listen. Their souls fly to those places to listen where God is chanted.

Heart in the Sky                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Cupid cloud heart with plane

By:- Jay Hooke  Taken on the Greek island of Zante. I was walking down a hill through some olive groves and just happened to see this cloud looking remarkably like a broken heart.

☁ᙖҽąմ৳Ꭵƒմℓ Ꮳℓσմɖ ᖘᎥƈ৳մɽҽʂ☁ ~ ~ Broken heart in the clouds.

Comfort. Hyper realistic drawing by Paul Cadden. Included these because of this drawing only. I can't believe it's not a photo! And the man and his dog. So many of these that I pin make me yearly-eyed or downright cry.  If you care about ending poverty and reducing homelessness go to http://www.fuzeus.com

These Are Not Photographs

The human-dog bond is so strong, unconditional, unbreakable, powerful and second…

Sevilla, Spain I would love to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain My absolute favorite place!

well, knitting actually... "wildbreien"... love it!  This tree makes me happy to look on it.

well, knitting actually. This tree makes me happy to look on it.

Musical Ski Lift Chairs, Jara Mountains, France

Mihai Criste, 1975 ~ The Kiss of Autumn

Funny pictures about Music note chair lift. Oh, and cool pics about Music note chair lift. Also, Music note chair lift.

The Reception Decor

"My dad told my sister and me long ago that he wanted us to have our weddings at his house," says Brooke. To decorate the tents on the property, lanterns filled with flowers and candles hung from the ceiling.

Hanging lanterns with flowers spilling out instead of candles but with white lanterns hanging on shepard hooks