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Make an "Add It Up" Math Boggle Board for Your Classroom

writing math story problems with characters and setting! awesome

Students write math story problems using character and setting cards. Great for grade math fillers!

number of the day for upper grades...you could do this as "calendar Math" by using the day's date...ex: 9/5/12= 9,512

Instead of MATH MEETINGS, why not try a daily brain workout for your accelerated students? math journal number of the day

I would add a border or something to the white board and make the graph colored paper.... to make it cuter but great idea to change out easily.  Math Coach's Corner: Easy Graphing Ideas

Easy Graphing Ideas

A simple graphing idea - the number strips hang from a white board that can be changed for the daily question. Can also change the yes & no at the bottom when the children need more sophisticated graphs, for math wall

Cube Toss - These two trays are ice-cube trays from the Dollar Spot at Target.  Write two digit numbers on labels and put them on each ice cube hole.  Kids toss two cubes, one into each tray.  They add the two numbers together on a recording sheet or whiteboard.

Math tub idea: Get two ice trays from the dollar spot at Target, write (or 1 digit) numbers on white labels for each hole, and kids toss a cube in each tray and add numbers together on recording sheet or whiteboard. They think it's so fun!

Math Daily Five B.U.I.L.D. - Buddy Games, Using Manipulatives, Independent Reading/Work, Learning about Numbers, Doing Math

The answer to my Math Center Prayer. Math Daily 5 (BUILD) B=Buddy Games, U=Using Manipulatives, I=Independent Working/Reading, L=Learning About Numbers, D=Doing Math What a great idea!

List of measurement activities - Interactive Learning Sites for the SmartBoard.

From Technology Rocks Seriously- Some great sites to use when working on Measurement with students in second and third grades!

Elementary math videos and songs.  Try the 9 X 9 song to get a hint of how good these are.  His whole site is great for every classroom.  Teachers MUST use more music and teaching videos to make the quality of their lessons better. CW

fun math poems for elementary school math! Also math poetry, math music videos, math songs, math problems, and math stories.

Best Math Apps and Websites for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade: Subitizing - A Quick Way to Develop Number Sense

Best Math Apps and Websites for Kindergarten through Grade: Subitizing - A Quick Way to Develop Number Sense (Subitizing is knowing a number by looking at it like knowing you have 5 fingers without having to count them!

Classroom Freebies: Free Touch Money Posters

Free Touch Money Posters

Kindergarten Crayons: Don't Spill the Beans: Beginning Place Value Work for Kinders

Kindergarten Crayons created these cute counting mats to teach place value. I love how they glued the beans to popsicle sticks for