or die tryin

messy, stupid and ignorant. i know of that bitch. glad i'm bad, cause this bitch is getting rich.

Yupp I would do the same

"Im Plotting My Revenge To Become The Hottest Ex He's Ever Had. Just So All His Friends Will Ask Why He Cheated On Me. Jokes On You." I'm about to lose and dress like I know im hot because he made a big mistake just wait just wait

If your trying to prove that ur a bad bitch. Bad bitches don't brag and try to prove it!


Hate me? Oh well, I'm still going to do my thing and I hope it annoys you even more.


haha, that moment a cute guy walks past and you're like "please come back.I love you" This is my life


Roll up your problems, lick your solutions, burn your past, inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.