Eruption of Anak Krakatau volcano | By: Tom Pfeiffer

Volcanic Eruption Prediction : The Prediction of volcanic eruptions is challenging because, to be of realistic use, they must be created before eruptions it’s a lot simpler to see patterns in tracking information after an eruption has happened.

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Apparently Volcanic Lightning Exists... And It’s Every Bit As Crazy As It Sounds

earth-shattering- the volcano exploding with lava combined with lightening is a earth-shattering moment

Lava flow by Adrian Warren - Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

This lava forms part of the Kalapana Lava Flow on Hawai'i, and has erupted from nearby Mt Kilauea. Kilauea is home to the Hawai'ian volcanoe goddess Pele. Photography by Adrian Warren

Fire, Plasma and Stars Photo by César Cantú Quiroga — National Geographic Your Shot

Fire, Plasma and Stars Photo by César Cantú Quiroga — National Geographic Your Shot Photocomposition of three consecutive images of an eruption of Colima volcano.

Red Eruption

The Big Island in Hawaii is full of volcanic landscapes and there was an active volcano, Kilauea, spewing lava into the sea. As night fell, we as it appeared as if the sea was on fire volcanic lava

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Aerial photography is a technique of taking photography from the sky or air. In aerial photography, anything on the ground is taken as a

Erupção (Foto: Max Perez / reprodução)

Natureza em fúria: lentes captam beleza do vulcão Calbuco

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Volcano Tungurahua erupts, ecuador, photo by Patrick Taschler

"So very beautiful"

"So very beautiful"