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It's National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day! Soft Serve was invented Labor Day weekend in 1934 after the regular ice cream had started to melt, but was still in high

If you've lived in the country like me, you know this is 100% true.

A deer's reaction when a car is moving fast towards it. A deer's reaction when I take a step 100 feet away.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

Funny pictures about Dramatic Squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Dramatic Squirrel. Also, Dramatic Squirrel photos.

People call me a ginger all the time even tho my hair Is red, not blond yellow<<<my hair is ash brown. Is it weird that I find that color name insulting? I mean, it does have an ashy undertone, but still.

This is suppose to be a "the world doesnt make sense" thing. but i thought gingers were called ginger because of ginger bread. and that strawberry blonde was pinkish blonde? ive never called a blonde a strawberry.

Asked For Frozen Stuff - Funny Christmas Meme

My daughter wanted frozen stuff for christmas - meme - Jokes, Memes & Pictures

Of all the songs that get stuck in my head.in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight!


Snoop Dogg Kid - Rolling down the street, eating cheerios, sipping my box of juice. With my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind.


66 Funny Pictures You Will Absolutely Love

Snowman goes after baby.poor little guy.) - Im sorry but I can't help but to laugh at his face

Random Funny Pictures for the day- Hoodies

Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder Human version of the feed bag

Having Fun With Statues - This makes me want to search the world for statues to do funny things to.

Having Fun With Statues

Funny pictures about Having Fun With Statues. Oh, and cool pics about Having Fun With Statues. Also, Having Fun With Statues photos.