Crocs in NYC hmm I don't think so. Lol

When we were in New York, we were kayaking and Niall turned the boat over I freaked, cause I thought we'd be eaten by a crocodile or something


Liam James Payne, Born August Auditioned for the x-factor got cut and tried out in Simon Cowell placed; Harold Edward styles,Niall James Horan, Louis William Tomlison, and him. they realesed Up all night and were a big hit.

"It's important to have a life outside the band.' - Liam Payne

Liam Payne, Call me maybe? Because I can love you more then this and you keep me up all night thinking about you. You've got that one thing and that's what makes you beautiful.You stole my heart

One Direction

Petition to have the boys play at the next super bowl half time sign you name.>>>grace>>Renee>>>>>>Reina, Yes please!

Throwback to Liam baby... His new music video got released today... Truly proud

Throwback to Liam baby. His new music video got released today.

One of Each Please... :) #lol #humor #meme featuring actors Channing Tatum, Adam Levin, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon Levitt

Channing Tatum, Adam levine, Ryan gosling & Joseph gordon -levitt I'll take them all to-go.


in the womb, the fetus is supplied with hair straighteners.


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Your so cute! :) haha love one direction!

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