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Character: Dora Renée Lupin ~ Actress: Imogen Poots ~ DOB: 28 of November, 2026 ~ Hair: Strawberry Blonde ~ Eyes: Green ~ Sibling(s): Remus Arthur, Hope Ginevra, Lyla Isabelle, André Harry & Elle Monique Lupin ~ Parents: Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley ~ House: Hufflepuff ~ Blood Status: Half-blood & 1/16 Veela

Imogen Poots - the inspiration for Delia Somerset. Sweet and innocent, beautiful light eyes, wavy hair.

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Lauren Cohan. Amazing woman. <3

Lauren)(Open RP) I sit on the porch of my cabin thinking about how the deaths lately, my friend, Una went missing on the night of the party, they found her body with Dylan's in the woods. I look at the ground until I hear footsteps and.