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So typical boxer

So typical boxer

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despite their tough looking appearance, boxer are just the softest, most affectionate dogs around! -- this is an especially beautiful Boxer!

#boxer #puppy eating his snack :)

#boxer #puppy eating his snack :)

9 Dog Breeds Mistaken for Pit Bulls

Best of Friends.-This is what Boxers Do! Sit on each other- my boxer does this same thing

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I want them aaaaaaaaaalllllllllll!  They all look like Summer when she was a baby!

Boxer puppies- a whole litter of fawns with black faces. My boxer came from a litter like this of

The boxer

The Boxer dog originated around the century and was used for fighting and bull baiting. More recently, however, the Boxer has become a popular choice as a family pet or police and military dog.but it loves to play with children! To learn more about

love boxers ♥

love boxers ♥

Now, really Homer, the issues you are having with your pack seem to be self inflicted.

Okay, I met a boxer this weekend so now the three dogs that i must own when I'm on my own someday so far are: Siberian Husky, Golden Receiver, and now BOXER :)