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The amount of emissions are disproportionate to the capabilities of our earth. Time to give back.

I like how this message shows the causes of global warming with the idea of emissions eating earth in the style of paceman. It also reads at the bottom, it's not just a game which triggered this idea that earth is more important than some may think.

Save the Earth by Patrick Carroll. "Over-consumption, global warming and a lack of sustainability are slowly degrading of the ability of the Earth to support us. This poster has a simple message; the world needs to react before it is too late."

2011 Entry Save the Earth Over-consumption, global warming and a lack of sustainability are slowly degrading of the ability of the Earth to support us. This poster has a simple message;

Water is Life. You can

Every one need to share water. Water is life and we must share it to everyone. You can see that many animals are sharing water and yet not each one of them have not murder one another.

¿Cuál es el problema? ¿Y la solución?...

Green Patriot Posters, an environmental sustainability advocacy organization that uses graphic art to raise awareness for green causes, has just published a new collection of purposeful poster art.

poster by Asher Jay

Artist Asher Jay highlights the ocean crisis, poaching and conservation through art : TreeHugger

This image uses red very well as it was the ideal colour for a campaign of this nature, as it is of a serious note (war), so a striking colour such as red was needed.

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

This political poster was designed by Chamutal Leket for the Cactus Design Studio, and originates from Israel. This is a very well made poster due to the colours used. The black works well in contrast with the red.

This graphic is a thought provocer, the Earth is acting as a juice box and the water is almost gone, but while it seems like a simple message, once you take the whole picture in, you realize we're running out clean water and that's a problem.

Got-more jpg Medness Poster Collectives Diseño gráfico Ilustración Tipografía With this poster, Medness has tried to incorporate a very important social message with the right amount of pun.

Beautiful digital art you could display in your classroom to facilitate discussion about global warming. You could present one of images and ask the students what they think it's trying to convey, no text is needed to spark discussion. Great way to get students interested and engaged in the topic.

The Amazing Digital Art of a Disillusioned Idealist

Illustrations by US based arist Wenqing Yan. Wenqing is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. She specializes in digital art but also enjoy traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.