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There’s no reason excuses 4 a woman who promotes dangerous anti-science views simply bcs she’s an actress w a degree. Especially when there are so many brilliant female role models in science 4 us 2 promote

23 Surprising Photos Of Famous People And Celebrities In Their Youth - 9GAG

23 Surprising Photos Of Famous People And Celebrities In Their Youth

23 Surprising Photos Of Famous People And Celebrities In Their Youth all of them are cool but then there's ian mckellen who is just awesome

God's Political Party:   Our infidel Founding-Father Thomas Jefferson was recently banned from the curriculum by the Christian Talibans in the “buckle of the Bible-belt”, Texas, . Do you agree with the party of God?

Rep Ryan bill allows rapist to sue victim to prevent abortion

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Now these are true role models! Women in Science. Hedy Lamarr, Natalie Portman, & Mayim Bialik are all actresses that have contributed to science!

"Women can't do math/science/leadership." Except we can, we are. Gender roles and stereotypes hurt women.

-"Women can't do math/science/leadership. Gender roles and stereotypes hurt women<--OMG I was so happy that Benazir Bhutto was in this often its seems like people forget what an amazing person she was

Queens Throughout History: Part I: Nefertiti/Theodora/Wu Zetian/Eleanor/Zabel/Seondeok/Nzinga/Catherine/

My kinda history! Queens Throughout History: Part I: Nefertiti/Theodora/Wu Zetian/Eleanor/Zabel/Seondeok/Nzinga/Catherine

In 2001 American students launched a campaign against racist Halloween costumes

Student group (STARS) at Ohio University created the above photos to take a stand against racist costumes.

It's not about whether or not the shooter is racist. It's about how poor black boys are treated as problems well before we're treated as people.

Mujer y la ciencia

Famous actresses who are also known for their interest in science!

The first whooping cough vaccine        Google+

These unknown women created the whooping cough vaccine. Grace Eldering, Laney Gordon, Pearl Kendrick, thank you for saving lives with science!

Start saying people's names. This is not just some "black Chicago student." How about "This is Kevin Stonewall, and he's on the verge of finding a cure for cancer.

Dem queens tho

Queens Throughout History Part II: Hatshepsut/Zenobia/Zarmandukht/Dihya/Jadwiga/Mariam-uz-Zamani/Maria Theresa/Liliʻuokalani - Reference - Historical Fiction

What These 24 Women Were Caught On Camera Doing Is Truly Unforgettable. -   Misc

The one with and the Jewish and Muslim women were unbelievable. It's truly humbling to see that despite religious intolerance, they're still people that see past that, that understand that we are all fundamentally human and deserved to be treated as such.