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My favourite gif ever!!<<< It's adorable! !!! ^.^<<<<< he's like a cute baby dragon

{GIF} you shouldn't have clicked this one I warned u! Harry girls may experience some pretty weird symptoms.


Why can't people understand this? when im fangirling.leave me the heck alone!like right now Styles Horan Tomlinson Payne Malik

Hands down my fav part of the 1D movie

Harry Styles being ridiculous in This is Us. "No, Honey; do a normal pose." These adorable boys don't pose!

Heh i was telling my mom this when i was in the kitchen, i called her my peasant....lol cx

And you're a Directioner coz you sang the song. Until the get outta ma kitchen part at least.

This is exactly how I would react to meeting Harry and he will hopefully laugh and then I pull it together And then he will kiss me!

I love how this little girl is trying to breathe and clam down at the fact that she just met Harry Styles and Harry is probably thinking only my presence did that to this little girl


so deep harry. but i don't think ur the only one who has dropped their phone on their face. but almost none of these make sense.

Harry Styles is just the most adorable guy in the world, hehe :)

At the Seattle concert! He asked if anyone knew any jokes and a fan told him this one and he's like that's great I'm going to use that tomorrow! Lol it was so funny!