PTSD Clarinet Boy - I don't know if it's called a clarinet I just know the sound it makes, when it kills a man

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My friend plays the clarinet and I ACTUALLY suspect she's a killer!


😂 all boys with a clarinet will get this (*cough cough DYLAN *cough cough*) -LindzIsAwesome

ptsd clarinet boy

PTSD Clarinet Boy

I find it so funny how the internet made up a background story for a kid on a meme. Like this psycho killer clarinet player was in vietnam? Like what the heck?

This is pretty funny. Pianissimo is not most trombonists' "forte," pardon the pun.

Trombones, seriously!

Breaking reeds is a serious crime.

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love the football player in the background

Sometimes the girl would be the band geek and the football player would be the cheerleader.

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